What is Ancient History?

Kiona M. Smith wrote a great article yesterday about The hats that the of the giant statues, called moai, on Easter Island are wearing. How doe you get a thirteen ton piece of stone on top of a giant statue? Well, she goes into some detail about some ways it might have been done by the Rapanui people.

Looking at the moai, we are left with very little information to work with. there are only about 3,000 Rapanui left and the oral traditions that would have brought their history forward to today was lost. It seems as though slave trading and disease erased that from the history books. I wonder what else will be lost to future generations.

Will Ultima Thule be among the lost bits? Stephen Clark wrote a piece for Spaceflight Now that talks about the New Horizons probe that captured the gloriously hi-res images of Pluto last year. Well New Horizons is back at it again, but even farther away now.

Ultima Thule is a chunk of rock the size of a large city floating out in the Kuiper Belt an NASA just brought New Horizons out of hibernation to guide it in to take a quick peek and get some hi resolution imagery. I’ll personally be awaiting these images with great anticipation.

I wonder what they’ll mean to the world 500 years from now though.

~Michael 6/6/2018


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