The Celestial Union, Two Perspectives

The other day I read an article on SyFy where in Phil Plait wrote a piece describing the birth of a black hole. It would appear the Chandra observed two Neutron stars collide and after the data were crunched it seems likely that a black hole is the end result. This celestial union was the first of it’s kind observed.

Also Phil, why don’t you have a date/time stamp on your article so I can see when it was published?

Check out the link above for the story and some sweet images that show what this event might have “looked” like if an observer were close enough to record.

You can thank gravitational wave measuring instruments for giving us a clear idea that the mass of the new object is about 2.74 Suns. That would make it wither the largest neutron star or smallest black hole on record.

High mass and gravity drove the two stars together, but it doesn’t take that much to draw other types of bodies together.

Read that article folks. It lays out some underlying fundamentals of sexual attraction and arousal. Sarah Barmack covers a study from 2007 by Cindy Meston that discusses the nature of arousal.

It turns out that undergraduates main motivations for sex were sexual enjoyment and intimacy. Is that a surprise to you? Probably not.

~Michael 6/4/2018



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