Closing the Gap Between Heroism and Endeavor

The largest canyons in the world just might be locked under the Antarctic continental shelf. Yesterday Brian Kahn wrote a piece for Earther that provides some perspective on the enormous canyons buried beneath the Antarctic ice shelves and they are breathtakingly large.

An international team of geographic researchers flew some planes equipped with radar and ladar over the Southern Pole to peer through the ice and they found two previously undiscovered canyons beneath the ice sheets. The larger canyon is wider and almost as deep as the Grand Canyon.

The hope associated with this knowledge is that we will be able to model the movement of the Antarctic ice sheets  and predict their stability and adhesion to Earth’s southernmost continent. That should help us identify the rate of melt and global oceanic water level rise as they melt. Will we guess that right? Probably not.

You know who might be good at climbing those canyons? Mamoudou Gassama. This guy has been trying to become a French citizen for the last six months or so and holy cow did he do something amazing the other day. If you haven’t seen or heard about this yet I’d be surprised, but just in case, check this out.

Some toddler was hanging on to a ledge outside the balcony of a fourth story with a crowd of onlookers watching in shock and preparing to catch the child. When Mamoudou free-climbed the building and pulled the adventuresome babe to safety.

Would I have done the same? Probably not.

~Michael 5/29/2018


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