Size Matters After All

The tired old saw about size matters, size doesn’t matter can bring a tired yawn to most people. But I’m here to tell you in some relevant ways that it does. As it turns out, the amount of personal space a person needs is directly tied to the character of people around that person.

And I mean “personal space” as in a circumference around a person measured using distance and time.

In a paper written by an unknown author by Anglia Ruskin University, published by the journal PLOS ONE, they discovered that what a person hears affects the size of their personal space required to feel comfortable. Basically if someone hears an argument, or aggressive conversation, their personal space requirements become larger.

Compared against a neutral conversation, people’s personal space bubble becomes smaller. speaking of smaller…

Here’s a picture of the worlds smallest house.

They used tiny robots to build this house that is 20 micrometers wide. Brigit Katz wrote about it over at So yeah size actually does matter right?


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